A Thankful Mother's Day Thought

Blessed Mothers Are The Repository Of Our Faith



“Her children arise up, and call her blessed.… Can a woman forget her sucking

child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may

forget, yet I will not forget thee.”




   Both humanity and the Christian faith have endured because of blessed mothers. God entrusts

mothers with new life and new promise. The mothers referenced today in our background Scripture

include Sarah, the mother of Isaac; Jochebed, the mother of Moses; Elisabeth, the mother of

John the Baptist; and Mary, the mother of Jesus. Through blessed mothers the great leaders of faith

were born and raised. From Isaac came many nations. From Moses came the deliverance of God’s

chosen people and many words of Scripture. From John the Baptist the way of the Lord was

prepared. And from the blessed Mother Mary came the Prince of Peace and salvation for mankind.

From blessed mothers we have received many virtuous leaders of the faith.


   On one special day each year, we take time to salute mothers of the past, present, and future.

Most of these blessed mothers are never mentioned in print or glorified by public proclamation.

Only God knows the contributions and blessings that have been yielded from the faith, virtue,

and leadership of mothers. A hurting child, a wounded soldier, and a dying old man can all be

heard to be calling the name of a blessed mother. Great leaders of faith today are most influenced

today not by the sages of our time, but by the values learned at their mothers’ knees. The collective

survival of each new generation is dependent on the faith, ethics, and a sense of love and

fairness that only a mother can teach.


   Mothers are God’s real and best leaders. They lead quietly. They teach and instruct. They

accept our imperfections, yet demand our best. They stand watch for danger, then give us refuge

in their care. They know the values of humility, hard work, loyalty, selflessness, fairness, and

forgiveness, and it is from these values that great leaders emerge. By their example, mothers

impart the essence of the faith, giving children pause to know that God is Lord and that we are

to be thankful and obedient to His call.


   As people everywhere honor mothers on this special day of the year, let us give thanks to

God for mothers. Let leaders of faith do all they can to empower and lift up mothers. Let us all

pray for mothers, as well as for the restoration of broken relationships and the renewal of love

and commitment in families. Let us rise and call them all blessed.


Our Prayer: Lord, we thank You for the blessed mothers of all generations. May we strive to

honor them by becoming better leaders of faith. We pray now for mothers everywhere, that You would

give them the strength and provision to do Your will. We give honor and thanks to You and our

mothers, who serve as our role models. We pray for an eternal reunion in heaven with those who have

gone before us, O God. Amen.