A Start, an End and a Purpose

A Start, an End and a Purpose

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1

   Life is full of transition. Things change. And often life changes quickly and even violently for people. The familiar routine of life gets disrupted.

   Recently I lost a client. It ended on a positive note. I did good work and had great success; but alas, a year after it started; it ended. I was disappointed and even grieved slightly because I enjoyed the work and the people involved in the work. I absolutely miss the income from the work. But just as it started; it ended.

   God tells us not to worry when certain things in life end. Every life and every task (even jobs, relationships and clients) can start quickly and in just a short time, they will end. It is appointed from heaven that on some days we are to laugh and on some days we are appointed to grieve. Being born and dying are part of the plan.

   But nothing that starts or ends happens without divine purpose if we cling to God’s word and message for us. By appreciating the life cycle of clients and events we will glean meaning from it and give thanks for this particular season of life.

   Maybe when we better understand the certainty of the brevity of the cycle of our life’s activities we can better perform and relish the small moments, finding God’s finger in the happenings around us.

   While I did lose that one particular client; now I have a new one. It is a different one, and along with the work, I have met wonderful and beautiful people that I would not have ever met had I been immersed in the work of my previous client. I believe God has ordained the start and ending of my recent life events, and as I let go of any hurt or bitterness or the sadness over the lack of cash flow, then new horizons appear for me to view.

   Embrace the changes of life. Know that every single event whether it is just starting or finishing is part of the fabric of life and life everlasting.