End of Time and Predictions

End of the World


   A Christian radio owner and self-styled theologian predicted the world would end today and the rapture would come. It did not. The gentleman spent lots of time, money, advertisement and credibility predicting the exact time and method of Christ’s appearance in the sky. Mainstream journalists widely covered the story and non-believers and skeptics have laughed and scoffed at the simpletons of faith.

   This gentleman did himself and the faith a disservice by being so bold as to predict the time and way God will bring about the close of our earthly existence. I truly believe Christ is coming again and that those who love Christ will be gathered to Him.

   The bold prediction was not scriptural or based in good theology. Christ Himself told his disciples that not even He knew of the time of His return. Only God knows. We have plenty of signs and prophecies that Christ and the prophets left for us regarding the end days. I myself can see many of these signs in world events today.

   To many people and cultures in peril, everyday seems like the end times. Times are tough and world events, as well as natural calamity, has almost become the norm. I do think God is moving in our times. The scripture and prophecies will  come to pass.

   But I am not gathering on a mountaintop to wait. I have too much left to accomplish and too many miles to travel. If God calls me home, or if Christ appears in the sky and takes me away  while I am in the midst of my endeavors; I will be happy and ready.

   God loves us and desires that we know him. We came from God’s hand and will return to Him. Our time left on earth is finite and the predictions of the end time does remind us of our mortality.

   Let’s put our trust in the Prince of Peace who has gone to prepare a place for us. God is love and we have nothing to fear if we accept that love.