Finding Purpose and Peace in the Raging Events

Finding Solace in a Raging World


   As I ponder the events in my part of the world this week it seems that the world is raging out of control. A dear neighbor is in intensive care battling for her life after a fall. Several people that I know from my political past are disappointingly on trial for multiple federal offenses - lives of good works and achievement seemingly becoming wrecked. A mission that I support is trying to save over 600 orphans in Sudan from advancing thug forces in a civil war. The soldiers will either kill or enslave the children if they storm the orphanage and are only a few miles away. I too have my own personal and professional challenges as well, even as I see my friends and neighbors struggling. Some have lost homes, jobs, health or freedom - as well as a lot of dignity.

   So what’s up with all the rage and disruption of life? As I pray and seek some purpose in the events of life I am reminded that even in the midst of life’s great despair, injustice and suffering, there is a holy thread of purpose running through the events. Some of our travails will pass, others won’t. But in it all, and through it all, we must calmly take the next breath and live the day that is before us.

   Even if our only hope seems to be the eternal hope, that’s all right. Even in today’s raging events God can sculpt something beautiful from every fire and misfortune. My neighbor may get better or pass onto glory. My friends may win or lose their cases, but each can find new richness in the outcome. Real justice will always prevail in the eternal sense. The orphans in Sudan have thus far had a miraculous protective shield over them. They are the poorest and least of these and thus the most precious. I pray they survive, grow and prosper. If God takes even one of them, they shall fly to paradise in an instant. As for my own personal challenges; I see glimmers of hope and miracle in the small events of each day. I sense that my scars may become stars in the overall scheme of my life.

   When we can find moments of solace in the raging world events, we begin to conquer fear. Conquering fear fosters greater faith and bolder actions. This new fearlessness and boldness, buttressed by our faith, will ironically foster a new humility and generosity in our actions each day.

   So find peace amidst the worst of life’s circumstances. Let God take today’s events and circumstances, even the unimaginable and hurtful, and mold them into new life creations.