Moody Radio's WMBI Features Leading From Our Knees

   Leading From Our Knees author, Joe Turnham, says it was a highlight of his professional life to have his work read each day for one week on a Moody radio station as a featured devotional. In addition to the live daily readings, widely respected host of the show Mornings with Mark and Breakfast for the Soul, Mark Elfstrand told WMBI listeners that he highly recommends the book!

   "This validation from such a respected host, program and institution such as an anchor Moody radio station is a gift from God and a special honor," says author Joe Turnham. "My prayer is that Mark's listeners were blessed from the readings and challenged to learn more from scripture as a result of its on-air reading." Turnham's Book was released in May and is gaining national recognition as more and more Christian leaders and organizations tout the book. It is slowly beginning to appear in some retail places and is available online at or at or from

   Recently, Midwest Book Review gave the book a 5-star rating and many local pastors and church libraries are starting to stock the book. The popular Lighthouse Christian Bookstore in Auburn, AL began stocking the book this past week. According to Turnham, he feels God is moving mightily through the book and prays that the Holy Spirit will lead others to want to distribute and seek the book. Learn more about the author and the book at