The Great Equalizer

The Great Equalizer


   The richest and most powerful among us do not have more of it than we. The red carpet runway models and stars have the same measure of this asset as each of us. The teenager and the most elder citizen awake today to the same reality – we have only the day before us to live. Time is the great equalizer!

   How we treat the precious and most valuable gift of all tells a lot about our life. It reveals our priorities and is a great predictor of how happy and successful we will become in life. The intricate and well-used hour is part of a spiritual stewardship we exercise for God and those we love.

   The gift of possessions and money is greatly appreciated, but they are proportionate gifts based upon our wealth. It is the gift of your time to another person or cause that says the most about you and is life’s most valuable gift. When we give up a block of precious life to attend to the needs of another or simply take time and listen to the troubles of a friend, we are burning life’s most precious gift.

   Life is brief. Life’s greatest blessings are usually harvested in the few nuggets of fascinating moments over the years. As we are able to wring from each day some precious moments and soulful insight, it is the truest sign that we are living our life at a higher plain. One of my favorite sayings is ‘you cannot kill time without injuring eternity’. Never waste time. Don’t let boredom overtake you. Don’t let life tie you up in the mundane routine that leads to an unhappy existence and robs you of your ability to live happily.

   We all must work at something. We have chores and basic life requirements to fulfill that consume large blocks of our lives. We swap time for money and for causes. But even in these ditches of life’s work or chores we can transform those blocks of time into meaningful and magical adventures. Use the must-do time to build friendships on the job or to become the best craftsman in your field. Train an apprentice and use the mundane work before you in a way that blesses others.

   Carve the first and best time out each day for quiet time and prayer. Read something new that lifts your spirit. Take a walk or draw a picture. Write a letter to a friend and mail it to them instead of texting it. Plan your days and budget your time as if this week is your last on earth; it just might be. Don’t take for granted those closest to you. Our spouses, partners, children and friends often secretly long for our time and affection. And none of us ever give them all that we are capable of giving.

   It is better to be less wealthy or a little further down in the organizational chart at work if we traded that time for richer relationships. Let the wiser use of time enrich your soul and bring you peace. Let it find you a new love and deepening friendships. Write something down that will outlive you and instill your skill and knowledge into someone who will outlive you.

   God will bless us as we give time to Him and to others. Be gentle with yourself. When our precious time is spent well, it makes us stronger and our eternal soul will seep out richly into all we do. So on this day capture time and use it well; eternity will be better because you did.