Fundamentals Lead to Favorable Finales

Fundamentals Lead to Favorable Finales


   Changing where we are in life or getting to a better place is a goal that many of us hold in common. Sometimes we want to go to a better place because we have been battered by sudden life events like economic shifts, sickness, or broken relationships that leave our lives in shambles. We want to change and make life better; but how do we do it?

   Our immediate instinct is to take one bold action with the hope it blasts us off to a new place and personal condition. But rarely in life does one action taken, even a bold one, propel us far enough down the road towards change. We change our lives with the small, but fundamental action each day. It takes discipline, faith and swallowing pride to have the stamina to keep doing the small things that will ultimately become the links in a new life chain.

   Good life fundamentals require mundane and repetitious action. Getting a better job requires methodical searching and sending lots of dead-end resumes. It means taking an unpaid internship that works into a job. It may mean making new friends or working at menial tasks to demonstrate your work ethic and ability to others. To make the sale and build your business means we have to make the calls and leave the messages. We have to experience rejection and know that if we plant enough seeds; God will let a few of them grow.

   Overcoming sickness and physical setbacks require fundamental action that may not seem to make any difference at first. Breaking old habits and replacing them with better healthy habits usually happen in very small increments. Eating fruit instead of processed snacks or walking up a flight of stairs instead of using an elevator may seem small, but it adds up towards a healthier life.

   Finding love again or new friendship takes fundamental action. Letting go of resentment and hurt does not happen overnight. It takes fundamental and deliberate action. Take a different route to work, sit with different people at lunch or find a place of worship and join a volunteer group.

   Even collective communities can change but it takes time and fundamental action. Cleaning up after a storm means clearing one yard and one street at a time. It involves small acts of kindness and sharing.

   Good fundamentals in life still lead to favorable finales. We may not win the championship every time, attain the highest position or acquire the most money; but we can find our own plateaus of happiness if we work at it. The best fundamental of life is not giving up or giving in to cynicism.

   Don’t stop praying, but always put feet to your prayers through daily action calls and positive personal habits. The audition for life will lead to new roles. The curtain will rise, and you will find that your stage has been set for a better life! So keep rehearsing.