I'll Frustrate Them

I’ll Frustrate Them


   That’s what the devil says when he desires that we fail in our opportunities and challenges of life. Have you ever had a great new door open for you and all the pieces seem to be falling into place; you announce a new direction in life or a new relationship to your family and friends, only to see it become mired in problems or lack of success? But have you truly failed, or merely been frustrated by the circumstances?

    By frustrating us, the devil does not have to make us fail. He makes us give up or put a project down because it seems so daunting. Frustration often comes when the pathways we walk become littered with dwindling resources, unreturned calls, and betrayals from friends or a lack of a sign of success.

   Frustration leads to pessimism, cynicism and ultimately strife and envy. Frustration destroys patience and discipline and often forces us off the safe road into taking shortcuts that can destroy our mission. Frustration can cause us to say hurtful things to loved ones or co-workers. Our own frustration can rub off on others and poison the optimism of a team.

   The devil frustrates us because he knows he cannot ultimately defeat us. By working through our frustrations and seeing obstacles as opportunities; we can find a better way, we can fulfill our calling and mission all while using the devil’s frustration as our new motivation to try once more and even harder than before.

   We are most susceptible to frustration when we are tired, under duress and in need of resources. It is in these moments of apparent frustration that we should become still, rest and give our circumstances to God. What the devil means for evil, God only means for good.

   Frustration is that fork in the road where we must ‘let go; and let God’. It is when we let go of frustration that the spiritual adrenaline and second burst of creativity comes to us. We suddenly see a new way to try. A critical call gets returned or a complete stranger offers the assistance that was stolen by a wayward friend.

   So recognize those situations where you are feeling weary and becoming frustrated. Know it’s the devil’s brew. Let the Holy Spirit transform those moments into holy power. The victory is ultimately ours. We cannot be defeated, so never let frustration get in your way.

   You’ve won!