Turning Every Knob

Turning Every Doorknob



   The times are tough. People are hurting and many are unemployed, or under employed. Businesses need orders and schools need students. Clubs need members and theaters need patrons. But how do we get them? Do we make an announcement of our need, say a fervent prayer and then wait for opportunity to come to us? A good friend of mine recently commented that his business was slacking but that he was turning every doorknob. He seemed undaunted by the task and supremely confident a client was behind the next door.

   God is the god of all circumstances. If we trust God and pray for our future and well-being, then God will send opportunities to us. But many of those opportunities won’t look like opportunities; sometimes we must seek them behind closed doors in unlikely places. The answer to our prayers and our blessing for the day lies within our very grasp if we will only seek, knock, and turn every doorknob.

   Knocking on doors and seeking God’s blessings are little more than putting feet to our prayers. Sometimes we only knock on the doors in certain neighborhoods, thinking that our opportunity would never lie on the other side of the tracks in a rich or a rundown neighborhood where the people and culture may be different from our own.

   Often we get nervous about the unknown mystery behind a door and lose our confidence when no one answers our knock; we are afraid to turn that knob and crack open the door and announce ourselves. Seeking God’s blessing means we have to get outside our comfort zone, doing things and going places we might never have imagined. Maybe it means seeking forgiveness and looking again in our own home or from an estranged friend next door.  

   Turning every doorknob means we might have to grasp an opportunity walk through a door where no one else would dare knock.  We take the chance, turn the knob and walk through a dark doorway. We find opportunity there. It is hot, smelly work. We do a good job with a lowly opportunity and we turn a lump of coal into a diamond with skill, hard work and providence.

   Sometimes doors are knocked upon but people don’t want us there. Turning every door knob means not getting discouraged and brushing aside the disappointment so we can muster the courage to knock on another door.

   God wants us to knock on doors and turn knobs because we often find hurting souls or broken situations on the other side of the door. God sent us knocking because in showing up at someone’s door, we have actually become their answer to prayer. Turning every doorknob in faith is good practice and theology. Blessing, challenge, opportunity and changed lives await you today…start turning every knob!