Alabama Political and Legal Leader Jere Beasley Reviews Leading From Our Knees

My good friend Joe Turnham has written a book entitled Leading From Our Knees, which is now available. Joe spent several years working on this excellent book which is written in an effort to unlock the Biblical precepts of leadership. It has easy-to-read daily lesson guides for leaders of faith. I recommend this excellent work to anybody who believes that Scripture-based daily lessons are needed as we deal with everyday life and its many opportunities for service and also with its many problem areas.

I have known Joe for many years and know first-hand that he is a Godly man who lives his faith daily and is an inspiration to all with whom he comes in contact. He and his wife Paula, and their two children, Pete Matthew and Abby, live in Auburn, Ala. Joe, who is known in as “a faith and values” political leader, is currently winding up his second term as Chairman of the Democratic Party. I hope he continues in that role because we need folks like Joe in the political arena. But Joe, who is a business man by training and profession, also has a “real job.” He is currently a strategic organizational and economic development consultant.