O Man of Sorrows, Come to Me


O Man Of Sorrows, Come To Me


O Man of Sorrows, come to me. As I lie here broken, I look to Thee


Hopes do glimmer and joys do fade, even old pleasures my pain now jades


O Man of Sorrows, Acquainted with Grief, who knows my sorrows, which never cease


Hope of Glory, My Strength and My Song, my heavy heart need not wait for long


O Man of Sorrows, come to me; they gamble my robe away for all to see


Even when naked, they cast my lot; despised and rejected they esteemed me not


O Man of Sorrows, could it be Thee, an evil imposter has blinded me


The Balm of Gilead harkens me now


O Man of Sorrows, with blood well-spilt, a Sweet-Smelling Savor, a new creature is built


Joe Turnham, August 19, 2003