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   One of my latest projects is the development and importation to North America of the world’s latest wildfire detection and monitoring technology from Germany. The FireWatch system and Stemme aircraft are already changing the way Europe and Asia detect and respond to wildfire. Already, the Germans have reduced the acreage burned in German forests by over 90%. We hope to introduce their technology and protocol to our continent.

   This project is especially exciting as we are now witnessing the record-breaking incidence and destructive nature of wildfire here in the United States. With climate change upon us and record droughts occurring, the wildfires in Arizona, Texas, and California as well as my own state of Alabama – wildfires are becoming amazing in their veracity and scope. Millions of people now live in the interface of wild areas and population centers and face potential threat.

   I applaud the incredible firefighting teams (most of which are volunteer firefighters) and government agencies (like the Alabama Forestry Commission and the USFS) responsible for protecting us from wildfire. They are brave, smart and full of sacrifice. We owe a debt of gratitude to them. They are performing for us, even as their budgets get cut.

   My partners and I are hopeful that our new products and systems can play a role in helping those responders and all landowners that have concerns about the growing threats of wildfire.

   The world really is on fire; both metaphorically and literally. There will be almost 100,000 wildfires in America this year that will burn millions of acres and destroy billions of dollars of land and property. Our economy and society are burning as well from a number of infernos.

   Let’s all try to be part of the solution to the wildfires of both land and life. Let’s bring new ideas and new attitudes to the problems of our day. Let’s be part of a team effort in responding to the challenges. Whether we win or lose; we must get into the game.

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