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Consulting Services

Base Areas of Expertise and Services Offered:

  1. Working with Senior Management and Principals of Organizations in the Personalized Development of Governmental Affairs Strategies - then helping them to enact those strategies via direct contract lobbying activities with governmental entities at all levels local, state, federal, international.
  2. Conceiving, Developing and Launching Grassroots Strategies to Expand an Organization’s Presence into Non-Traditional Areas of Support such as underserved communities, minority leadership, environmental movements, non-profit organizations, local-government entities, at-risk populations, foreign trade.
  3. Crisis Resolution for Organizations with Product or Image Issues related to catastrophic events or changing political/market dynamics.
  4. Economic Development Consulting on retainer for Smaller Communities that do not have economic development staff or offices. Services include developing a strategic plan for a community that encompasses expanding local businesses and the recruitment of new industry and retail enterprise.
  5. Site-selection and community evaluation on Behalf of Small Companies and Large Companies within Alabama and in Neighboring Regional States with state officials, community leaders, corporate and local governmental entities tied to the introduction of new technologies, business site locations, product/service expansion, and bi-lateral trade opportunities.
  6. Confidential Research and Community Intelligence Reports provided to specific clients related to predicting grassroots political reaction or possible public relation outcomes of a client’s entry into a market or community.
  7. Outreach to Faith-Based Communities (especially Evangelical) on Behalf of Clients for the purpose of repair of public divisions, building of strategic alliances and garnering a collective reaction to a client’s current or proposed activities.
  8. Keynote Speaking, Conducting Leadership Training, and helping organizations build a higher level of employee interest in the activities of participating in governmental activities and leadership activities with an emphasis on elected official contact, PAC participation and faith based principles for leading others.
  9. Conducting International Assessments of cultural/political impacts of an organization’s activities and doing site assessments and feasibility studies to predict outcomes.
  10. Development and Launching of Political Campaigns, Initiative and Referendum.
  11. Supervising Political Action Committee (PAC) Development from origination to building donors of existing PAC’s and developing a PAC strategy, board, and legal compliance.
  12. Critical Review and Recommendation of other Consultants, Lobbyists, Pollsters as a one-time service on behalf of a client and also helping to confidentially monitor their activities over time for economy and effectiveness.
  13. Lay Interpretation of Complex Business Models and New Product Technology for corporate clients in order to effectively reach key political decision-makers.

A Sampling of Previous and Current Experience:

  • Lobbying and Governmental Services Consultant for a billion dollar bio-technology pharmaceutical company in Alabama and nationally.
  • Successfully helped launch two corporate Political Action Committees (PACS) for two multi-billion dollar companies.
  • Consulting and Lobbying with a consortium of experts on behalf of a Fortune 500 Energy Company in various states and Washington, DC.
  • Development and Strategic Consultant for a film distribution company and humanitarian organizations based in Europe and Africa.
  • An Economic Development Consultant to a local community and successfully helped to recruit an auto manufacturing industry to their community.
  • Consultant to a multi-faceted public relations LLC that engages in the formation of public policy recommendations for state governments and political associations.
  • Developed Eco-Tourism feasibility models and marketing materials for West-Africa on behalf of a national environmental non-profit.
  • Provided research and documented reports involving changing environmental regulations to a consulting entity for his Fortune 500 clients.
  • Assisted three international humanitarian and religious organizations in their building of an U.S. based development and networking system for support of activities worldwide.
  • Traveled on behalf of clients and organizations to over a dozen countries on 4 continents meeting with national leaders and local community citizens.
  • Successfully consulted and managed political campaigns on behalf of numerous clients at all levels of politics for over 25 years.
  • Consulted with business developers on the feasibility of site locations and local grassroots reaction/support for their proposed facilities.
  • Consulted with large membership based organizations on membership development, public policy formation, political affairs strategy.
  • Part of a team that represents numerous U.S. hospitals in the appropriations process and with health care reform policies.