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Waiting on God


   You have prayed. You felt spiritually led, and with great assurance know that the actions you have taken are what you were to have done. You’ve worked hard, gave it your all and have no regrets. You would not change a thing. But you are in trouble. The results have not been what you expected. You are weary, depressed and wondering: where’s God? You seem to be waiting on God.

   God’s ways and timing are not our ways. His wonder and understanding are as different as heaven is from earth. But rest assured that if you have done all that you can do, that the universe is unfolding as it should. Enormous spiritual activity is swirling around you, even if you cannot sense it.

   Waiting on God requires obedience, endurance and steadfast faith. Don’t abandon the confidence that even unseemly events and tough circumstances are bending your way.

   Many of the new manufacturing processes of the 21st century involve an activity called ‘just-in-time inventory’. The assembly plant gets an order and the suppliers make the parts and deliver them just as they are needed for assembly. There is nothing on the shelf; it is summoned just as it is needed. This activity saves money and assures that there is no waste or that the wrong parts are not made. It makes the business profitable and allows it to survive during the down times.

   Often in our own lives we see our provisions and blessings come ‘just-in-time’. The old friend calls us when we are down and at our wit’s end. A financial blessing arrives just as the bank account empties and the cupboard goes bare.

    We often want to inventory blessings and provisions from God, and sometimes God works that way and supplies us with more than we will ever consume in a lifetime. But usually our prayers are answered and God comes to us in the form of a daily, just-in-time encounter. Relying daily on our provision and blessing ties us closer to the Almighty and lessens the chance we think we have what we have because of our own power.

   God is always with us. He knows our every thought and He constantly holds us in His hand. God never sleeps. When we are waiting on God we are not waiting on Him to hear us or love us – that is constant and forever. Waiting on God merely means we have to let the will and way of our Creator manifest itself in life’s events as they should. It may mean we hurt and suffer and must endure hardship, but we are not forsaken.

   So get up today and do what you can without losing heart or losing faith. Turn every handle of every door, work hard, try new activities and think outside the box. It could be that instead of us waiting on God, He’s been waiting on us to walk through the door!


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