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Get Moving


   Daylight savings time has kicked in and as I closed out a long day this past week I noticed the many neighbors and couples with dogs that were out walking. I saw neighbors I have not seen all winter. There were two new babies born on our street this past year and their parents were out strolling the newborns along. It was a gorgeous evening and the flowers were budding and the temperature was just right. Who couldn’t resist a walk around the block?

   The call of spring is also our call to ‘get moving’. There are very few of us who can actually say that we are in the greatest of shape, have no pounds to shed or that we would not love to build up our endurance. My wife Paula and I have a new regiment of working out and it has become a great way share something special together, like a long walk or a trip to the gym.

   We all need to get moving. Our bodies were not designed to be sedentary. We were made to move. Each of us is different, some of us have limitations of age and life circumstance; but each of us can do something new and different to get moving.

   I have long done weight training and walked, but I am adding harder cardio workouts. I am jogging plus walking. I have added a battery of steps to climb. It is slowly making a difference in my life. I have slept longer without interruption since I added more movement to my exercise routine. My wife and I are recapturing some of that lost youth again.

   Once you get moving and make a few lifestyle changes and do it for several days, the more likely you become to stick with it and make it a habit. Your body will go through withdrawals if you miss a few days of working out. You also need to find a spouse or friend to share a walk or workout with you to hold you accountable and who will make it more fun.

   When you get out and get moving you see new people and re-acquaint with old neighbors. Getting moving also may improve your social life. It is also great to take a dog or a kid; they need to get moving too!

   Spring is all about change and rebirth of the seasons of life. By getting moving it can become a new spring in your life. Even a little moving can make a difference. Maybe by getting moving this spring you may live a little longer and get to see a few more springs that you might otherwise miss…happy moving!


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