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Who Gets the Credit?


   There is a great quote I remember from my childhood regarding team effort, it went something like this: “Imagine how much could be accomplished if no one cared who got the credit.”

   How many teams, organizations and projects have you been a part of where the mission and outcome was marred by a certain person or persons whose quest for the credit and recognition overshadowed the whole effort? Were it not for the striving for notoriety and acknowledgement for their work, they wouldn’t even be there participating in the first place. The camaraderie of the team and the nobleness of the work got displaced by the selfish pride of a few.

   Subjugating ourselves in humility and obscurity on behalf of a good cause or team project is the mark of true character and symbolizes a heart that is right with God. But in the total scheme of life, it is those persons who make mighty sacrifice and do great works with quiet obedience and sense of purpose that really save our world, not the loud and braggadocios. 

   We should never judge the hearts of others. Only God is able to truly judge the heart. But we can usually discern the true character of a person by their willingness to toil in the trenches of life without the need or desire for getting credit. The successful person also demurs praise and shares whatever recognition they do receive with others, even the lowliest team member.

   God usually finds a way to lift and bless the humble and pure of heart. He always opens new doors and makes our provision when we attempt righteous work for the right reason. All the credit we really need is to bring joy, warmth, love and assistance to others. The smile of a child or the hug of a senior citizen who is touched by our kindness is what matters the most.

   So what great task would you attempt to accomplish this day if you cared not who got the credit? Find a need and fill it; discover injustice and expose it; discern a hurting soul and minister to them when there are no cameras and no trophies to be found.


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