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“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Matthew 6:34


   We’ve prayed about it. We’ve made every call and taken all the action steps we can possibly take to change our situation. But our life situation has not changed. Do we give way to panic? Do we pace and become anxious? Why should the words of Christ written above give us any comfort?

   In verses 25 through 34 of Matthew chapter 6, Christ explains that anxiety is a by-product of our lack of faith. If we are seeking and trusting God for our provision and for our comfort; it will come. When we give way to becoming anxious we become less fertile soil for the Holy Spirit to act on our behalf.

   Casting our cares upon God in the time of our most pressing need unleashes heavenly power. By waiting and giving all our anxiousness to God, we refuse to let the circumstances of life defeat us. Perfect faith is demonstrated when we have the peace of heart that knows that our life is unfolding just as it should, even when the skies rumble and the waves toss us about.

   Jesus knows that even when our troubles of this day are solved, that more troubles will come tomorrow. We cannot fret over tomorrow’s challenges today. Defeating anxiousness through the assurance of Christ’s promise by faith is life’s most important lesson and must become a daily practice.

   Defeating anxiety does not mean that we stay in bed and don’t get up and get busy with our daily tasks. It just means that whatever tasks we attempt to do this very day should be bathed in prayer and confidence as well as praise.

   As we whistle and skip with confidence through our daily troubles all while holding Christ’s hand tightly, we will conquer every trap set before us. Our faith is sufficient for this day’s troubles. So get up, and go forth; anxious-free!

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