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You will find our news page to be an eclectic and unique assembly of linked articles and original content news and opinion by Joe Turnham and others on a variety of current events and timeless faith topics. You will also find insightful links to a broad range of economic, environmental, religious and personal/professional development sites and reading. Please come back often and enjoy!

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This article was shared by my good friend Dr. Randy Brinson of Montgomery, Alabama
The fate of sea creatures to extinction screams at humanity! Will we let it happen?
Here is a Father's Day devotional shared from my book, Leading From Our Knees...Enjoy, Happy Father's Day!
Wildfires are growing as a threat to us, we need to act and become part of the solution.
The English Wesleyan Minister and theologian teaches us about what makes the Devil tremble.
Current Events gaining large international following.
Watch for new changes to our website!
Joe has embarked on some incredible new projects.
Requests for books and appearances by Joe continue to grow one year after the book's release.
Joe will follow up the successful Time for Hope TV appearance with an appearance with Ron Hembree on CTVN
Book Reviews
Established and unbiased book review organization says book is great for church leaders and pastors...
Joe was a recent guest on the Bob Dutko Show. Bob is a leading Christian talk show radio host based in Detroit. Bob is the former Communications Director of the Christian Coalition. While Joe and Bob may differ on some politics, Bob and Joe found common ground on the contents of Leading From Our Knees.
News and Opinions
The NYT's journalist Nicholas Kristof shares one of the most amazing journey's in the life of a young man.
America is facing a challenging time and today is time to reflect deeply about where we really are as a nation.
The plight of women in the world shows each of us how we will respond to injustice and our chance for human success!
This editorial is very insightful and reminds us all that the earth is groaning under the strain of providing for us.
God continually scrambles the scientists and astronomers with the mass and wonder of space. The heavens seem bigger and more perplexing the more we study them. This recent discovery gives way to awe as we see the creation of God as more incomprehensible. Rather than be stumped by these findings, let them give way to thanks and worship of the Creator.
Consulting World
State of the art wildfire detection from German Aerospace now coming to U.S. and Canada
Macon County is focused on developing its potential. Macon County is the I-85 Corridor's Diamond featuring 5 access points off the interstate. Opportunities abound.