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You will find our news page to be an eclectic and unique assembly of linked articles and original content news and opinion by Joe Turnham and others on a variety of current events and timeless faith topics. You will also find insightful links to a broad range of economic, environmental, religious and personal/professional development sites and reading. Please come back often and enjoy!

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Today was supposed to be our last day, but don't laugh, think about the real end times.
Lonely Planets Cast Adrift from Stars Shocks Scientists but Only Bring a Smile to Believers Who Believe in a Mighty Creator.
A gentleman from Lousiana in the midst of a flood answers an age-old question.
The truest and sweetest peace is the peace we find by conquering life's sounds and circumstances.
The events of our life have beginnings and endings, don't lament it; embrace it!
Getting our hands dirty in the soil and nurturing new life can unlock our spirits.
Don't judge the life of others by single failures or one event.
Anxious | PHOTOS
Don't be anxious about your troubles today, let them go, and let God move.
Our lives are fragile and short. Let us resolve to make them more meaningful and eternal.
God's voice and hand reaches through to us even in the devastation of a storm.