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You will find our news page to be an eclectic and unique assembly of linked articles and original content news and opinion by Joe Turnham and others on a variety of current events and timeless faith topics. You will also find insightful links to a broad range of economic, environmental, religious and personal/professional development sites and reading. Please come back often and enjoy!

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Even in the dark and tough times, there is beauty to be found and savored.
Are our electronic devices liberating or destroying real communication in our families?
I want to dedicate today's thought to two wonderful people and writers. Check out their website, you will be blessed.
Rethink your approach to your dead-end problems, be novel and don't be afraid to try something new.
Real service and purity of heart lies in doing good work without the expectation of recognition.
God sends us blessings but we must seek, knock and turn every knob to find them.
Carver's life and legacy gives us wisdom about going far in life, regardless of our circumstances.
Frustration is a tool of the devil to get you off course and quit before striking life's gold.
Were we born to run after and retrieve life, or is it something better and more basic?
Our greatest blessing and joy in life is in sending good kids into the world.