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You will find our news page to be an eclectic and unique assembly of linked articles and original content news and opinion by Joe Turnham and others on a variety of current events and timeless faith topics. You will also find insightful links to a broad range of economic, environmental, religious and personal/professional development sites and reading. Please come back often and enjoy!

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We must pray and act on the needs in the headlines and for what we don't read about.
Observing Earth Hour last night shows us how much we waste and how much we can gain by turning the lights off.
Our bodies were not created to be sendentary. Get moving doing something new this spring!
A child's innocence is the cocoon needed to learn and grow properly.
Colton Burpo's story reminds us of the scriptural truths and promise of where we can go when we die - Heaven!
Ailments that won't go away can keep us humble and reliant on God.
A great tragedy but golden opportunity lies in the unrewarded talent in our own life and the life of others.
Choose wisely today and don't let that choice steal good life from you.
God often sends us a heavenly sign that shows his closeness to us!
God gives us new blessings each day, we just have to be faithful enough to find them!